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Please support you and your love for poor families

Organizer & Beneficiary: Rola Anwra

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Please support you and your love for poor families

Help provide sanitizers package for poor Gazans

The worst of fates, however, awaits Gaza, should the deadly and  fast-spreading virus find its way from all directions through the  hermetic siege, which engulfs this minuscule, but densely populated  region.

Gaza, which is enduring its 12th year of Israeli siege and  is still reeling under the massive destruction of several Israeli wars,  has already been declared “uninhabitable” by the United Nations.

However,  the misery of Gaza never ceases to unfold. Not a single UN report on  Gaza’s ailing medical facilities or preparedness for at least the last  ten years has used any positive or even hopeful language.

Last  March, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for the occupied Palestinian  territory, Mr. Jamie McGoldrick, bemoaned Gaza’s “chronic power outages,  gaps in critical services, including mental health and psychosocial  support, and shortages of essential medicines and supplies.”

The  truth is, no amount of preparedness in Gaza – or, frankly, anywhere in  occupied Palestine – can stop the spread of the Coronavirus. What is  needed today is to contribute with us to provide those who can't afford  the prices of sanitizers and medical masks.

Because, we are all humans, we all can defeat coronavirus, donate us today...

30$ per sanitizers package for a poor family; will include:

1_Buy food for poor families

2- Hand sanitizer.

3- Medical masks.

4- Sanitizer soups.

5- Dettol sanitizer gel.

6- Clorox.

7- Tissues.

How to donate

- Directly to this Fundraising website

- Via PayPal Directly to our team in Palestine:

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