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Fox and Alex Need a Van!

Organizer & Beneficiary: Alex and Fox

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Fox and Alex Need a Van!

3/16 update

Another update, we now must get the lift repaired. The man who sold us the van lied to us about the lift condition and it's already not working, and needs a $600 repair. We need to use the van in the wake of this virus business because we have to take our mobility equipment with us, especially now. We know for a fact the man we bought this from was informed about the motor for the lift, but did not disclose it to us. We're annoyed, but lucky that it's a simple and relatively inexpensive fix. 

But we also want to acknowledge that this is a difficult financial time for everyone. Please, please take care of yourselves first and only donate if you are able to. Help those directly impacted by the virus as well. We are currently safe and quarantined, but still must attend appointments for our other pressing medical issues. Stay safe everyone! 

--UPDATE-- 3/10/20

We have purchased the van!!! After much ado, going to 3 banks, much research, my partner was able to front us the downpayment and get a loan for the remaining amount. We need to pay him back for the downpayment, however, and save for the monthly payments/insurance. We used it for one day, and went to see 12th Night at the Guthrie, then went to the grocery store the next day, and were stranded there because the lift would not deploy. We finally were able to bring the van to the mobility van store place that repairs them, and we learned that the man we bought it from was told the door motor needs to be replaced and he failed to pass along that information to us. We have his signature on a page indicating that the motor was failing and he was aware, and failed to inform us. The repairs will be almost $600. This has been a nightmare of a week, with one taste of freedom in there for a day. We're not sure what our recourse is, but we need to get this fixed.

--end update--

Imagine if every time you need to go to the grocery store, or to the doctor, or to the dentist, or to the movies with your friends, every time--your partner has to take you and be there with you to aide you.  Imagine if this kept you from working, visiting friends and family, and participating in your community. 

shut-in/ˈSHəd ˌin/noun -- person confined indoors, especially as a result of physical or mental disability.
"she volunteered to visit the sick and the shut-ins" 

This is reality for Fox. It's a derogatory phrase when applied to someone outside looking in. But Fox is reclaiming it to describe their reality. 

Fox and Alex live together and are bffl/platonic life partners/roommates. Alex is also a wheelchair user. Both Fox and Alex are service dog handlers and are training Great Danes. 

Both Fox and Alex are getting wheelchairs, at long last. After literal years of battles with the state, they're finally on the way, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. But there's still a barrier:

We need a vehicle that fits 2 large wheelchairs and 2 large Great Danes and a Hound. 

We deserve to feel like ourselves again, and to navigate the world independently. We're determined to make the best lives for ourselves, despite and because of our disabilities. This is essential. 

In order to get this van, we're doing a number of things. We have gone to a bank to apply for a loan and exhausted all options. We decided to try a few methods. We're making biothane dog gear and selling it, as well as dehydrating dog treats. For more information on this, message Pyretta Drew on facebook. In talking with friends, we received many requests to donate to this issue directly, so we decided to make a Social Fund. 

Thanks for reading! We're grateful for any kind of love and support in this. We're determined to live a life worth living and appreciative of any help along the way.