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Susanna needs you to walk again

Organizer: Gabriele Bulleri
Beneficiary: gabriele bulleri

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Susanna needs you to walk again

Hello everyone, my Name is Gabriele and I'm here really begging for your help,  first of all sorry if my English is not perfect but has been a long time since i wrote it.
I'll try to be fast explaining everything but please read what I'm about to write.
Susanna is not a simple dog, maybe for another person who sees this from outside she can seem like, but for me is one of the reason why I'm still here at this world, I won't be going yo write my life here, I'm fairly a reserved person, but I literally lost everything one day, when my wife died with the child we was waiting for.
My life from that moment has totally been a nightmare, but one day I met this little puppy, which was Susanna, tied out in October when I was getting out of work.

From that day I had a reason to live on, take care about her as much as I could! I know I may sound like a worm but for me? She was happiness and a reason to still believe in a better day, she gave me love, always when I needed.

Now the present, last week she had an accident, we was going out for a walk, we took the stairs as always but something was wrong that day, her legs stopped working and she felt when she was running after me, ad she use to every day.

It's normal you might say, how old she is now? She is 15 and maybe she's just getting old, the fact is that she lost the ability to walk.

Now  of course from this event I took her to veterinarian and his response was that their front legs as safe and didn't took damages, but the legs being are gone, even with some therapy or other things she will never be able to walk again.
I didn't want to believe to what was happening and I didn't want to give up, with the veterinarian we found a solution, Susanna needs one of those Carriage for her legs, to be able to walk again ( I'm sorry I don't know exactly the name of that thing, it's the carriage that some disabled dog needs to be able to use the front legs only to walk again sustained by the wheels behind)

Now normally I will be able to fund this by my self, in a month or two I will be able to buy it, but the problem is bigger, Sussana stopped eating and refuse everything except for drinks, I've tried everything but nothing, she don't want to eat, she's sustained only by intravenous feeding and nothing else, for her to come back to eat the veterinarian told me that maybe with the  "Prosthesis" she will eat again.

The problem is that I don't have the money now to buy what she needs, that's why I'm here literally begging for help, I can't write anything now anymore, she's all I have and I don't want to this to be the end...Please be kind, help me but most important help my Susanna...Thanks even if you manage to read everything...