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Help the Hannigans (Hayley & Zach: aka Hubby)

Organizer: Amy Farner
Beneficiary: hayley james-hannigan

Help the Hannigans (Hayley & Zach: aka Hubby)

Hello friends, 

*Holy smokes!!!!! We met our $500 goal in about 20 minutes, so I raised the goal. Any amount raised above and beyond this amount will no doubt be put to very good use. Let's see how much we can help this amazing family.*

As many of you have witnessed, Hayley and Zach (aka Hubby to many) have given so much of their time and energy to our shelter.  They have helped the dogs, cats, staff, volunteers, customers, and even helped mentor our teen volunteers. I can attest they have asked for nothing in return, and they live in the motto: "It's not about me". While I was the volunteer coordinator, Hayley and Zach saved my butt so many times by coming in very early or staying very late to help me. Zach would come in before or after work as a talented machinist. I didn't ask. They just did it because they knew I needed help. This is how they treat the world.

When I heard Hayley misplaced $350 after using the ATM, my heart sunk. Someone found it and decided to keep it. What is amazing is I know through the heartbreak, that family truly believes someone else must have needed it more than them.

Just a couple months ago, they organized a few wonderful people plus themselves to help a family in need keep their car and buy some groceries for the 6 of them (grandparents and 4 grandchildren).  The Hannigans were looking for a car themselves and instead of buying the car this family was selling to keep their family afloat, they did what they felt was right. They kept that family afloat AND helped them keep their car.

More interesting facts about this family: They foster shelter animals. They have been foster parents for 7 children they still keep in touch with. They have 4 children of their own that are also selfless (and 2 beds always open for children who need a foster home). One with special medical needs.  "Operation Name Drop" (every dog gets a name; especially prior to euthanasia) was started by their 6-year-old, Kinzie, because she didn't think it was right they died without a name. Hayley herself has medical needs that she powers through every day (I am a witness to this woman's tenacity).

I say all this not to try to gain pity for this family...they would not be pleased if that was my intent. I say all this to paint a picture of this family's ability to give so much to others while in a financially tough time.

Here is where I ask for this communities help: THEY need the help this time. $350 for a family of 7 (Nana also lives at home and helps care for the kids) is a LOT of money to lose. 

What Can You Do? 1. Pray for them or send positive energy or whatever feels right for you, first and foremost. 2. If you can donate anything, that would be so incredibly helpful. Donate here (send as friend/family to avoid charges) or Ben Swan at the West shelter (2500 S 27th Ave PHX) is collecting donations as well.

I look forward to this family getting some much needed support. 

Kind Regards,