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Help a 17y Homeless Transwoman, organized by Emma Okofee

Organizer & Beneficiary: Emma Okofee

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Help a 17y Homeless Transwoman, organized by Emma Okofee

Hello. My name is Emma. I'm 17. 1 month ago, I started my transition (male to female),  my parents were wondering, so I told them about my decision to become a transgender woman. My father didn't take it well, he also dragged my mother into his hatred (identity issues (homosexuality, transgender..) are not very accepted in a black/afro family). A huge fight happened. So they kicked me out of the family home, they think I'm mature enough to live alone since I decided to become a woman, but the problem is that I am only 17 years old, I am quite young, so I have no property/assets in my name. I stayed outside for 1 night, and a friend was able to relocate me as well and feed me, but her parents will not put up with my company any longer because it's one more meal (so more money to spend), her father has already made the remark that I'm not really wanted here: He told me that he will only let me stay in this house 48 hours because him and his wife will not be able anymore to take care of me. I sincerely ask you to help me with all the strength I have left, only 1 cent can be big for me, it will help me a lot, I'm begging you all, i'm so desperate. All this money will help me to find a place to sleep and pay for it, it will also help me to feed myself & buy clothes (I was only able to take a jacket when they kicked me out) & buy hygiene care and also my medicine until I reconnect with my family. I am dying of shame, I am so embarrassed to ask y'all to help me, I feel so bad. I'm so sad, I'm in so much pain, my heart hurts so much. An indescribable feeling. But PLEASE I'm begging you all on my knees, please help me. If you can't give money, that's okay, it do not matter but I am amply & sincerely asking you to share my fund and links.

My best regards. Thank you very very much. Sending BIG Love To You All. Em'

UPDATE 05/16/21

Ladies and gentlemen I am definitely homeless. My friend's parents could not support me any longer. I am looking for shelter as well. This month is really hard. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you as well.