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Support and help the injured and poor children in Gaza

Organizer & Beneficiary: AMAL

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Support and help the injured and poor children in Gaza

Helping us in this dangerous time is a great thing for us to remain in the noble work that we have been helping the injured who have been injured in the eastern Gaza Strip since March 2018.Since the beginning of the great return marches last year, we have been doing our job to the fullest and helping many of the injured without receiving anything or any financial support for our team.

We do this work only to help those who are injured every Friday of every week

We are now entering the seventy-eighth week of the Great Return marches.

More than 10,000 people are in need of daily care and assistance in all ways in order to have a good injury

We need a small amount of gauze, iodine, medicinal substances, some analgesic, anti-inflammatory and bacterial drugs.

All of this we can't do because of the lack of support we receive every week. We receive less than $ 100 each week.

We can hardly do what we need to do. We need to increase support a little bit until we do our job perfectly

We cannot do this without you and your support

I wish you to complete this noble work and this construction, which we do not want to be destroyed one day.