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Oreo needs help

Organizer & Beneficiary: Trajada Jackson

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Oreo needs help

Hi! This is Oreo the 7-year-old cat. He is an amazing friend but right now he isn't himself. He is having trouble breathing and barely wants to move or eat. Oreo loves eating a bunch and loves meowing all the time. He especially loves getting in the way. But now he won't even do that, I am worried something is very wrong with him. However, the vet is very expensive and it is hard to afford a vet visit. If you could please help that would be greatly appreciated. He is the family cat and means a lot to everyone. UPDATE: Oreo needs to go to an emergency facility. He is having a hard time breathing and needs x rays. The whole process is very expensive and without it, he may not make it. Please if you can share this or help in any way. the vet estimates that the whole diagnosis process would be close to $2,000. UPDATE: Oreo has been taken to the vet and x rays have been done. He has a hole in his diaphragm membrane and his organsimage
 are pressing on to his lungs. This is the reason he is having a hard time breathing. To correct this he needs a surgery this is estimated to be about $8,000.


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