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Sponsor 300 Syrian Patients

Organizer: SEMA Syrian Expatriate Medical Association
Beneficiary: sema syrian expatriate medical association

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Sponsor 300 Syrian Patients

Campaign objective

Alleviate the suffering of the vulnerable  patients in northern Syria through sponsoring the costs of medical  consultations and surgical operations

Imagine that you  are one of the causes for saving a patient’s life and help him/her to  survive. It would be a great reward from Allah, and it would bring  happiness to the patient and his/her family. You can now contribute to  sponsor the treatment of the most vulnerable patients in north of Syria.

Their lives are on the line …. They need your support!

The  crisis in Syria continues and the suffering of thousands of displaced  and host people increases in northwest Syria. The lives of patients and  pregnant women, specifically, are the most affected groups, and what  most threatens their lives is their lack of access to necessary health  care and the opportunity to life-saving surgeries.

According to a  needs assessment conducted by the Syrian Expatriates Medical Association  (SEMA) in north of Syria at the beginning of this year, 2020, and upon  studying the average cost for surgeries in different surgical hospitals,  it was found out that the cost is quite unaffordable for the residents  and displaced civilians comparing it with their individual monthly  income, and that there is an increase in number of patients and injured  people who cannot afford these high costs to treat their diseases and  reduce their suffering.

2000 free surgical operations are monthly conducted by SEMA to treat these patients.

SEMA  runs 9 surgical hospitals in northwest Syria, and these facilities  provide health services and various kinds of surgeries for the displaced  and resident people. The hospitals monthly perform around 1500  surgeries and 500 Cesarean section deliveries for pregnant women.

Why do we need your help?

With  the reduced support for the medical sector in north of Syria and the  increased needs for many surgeries for the most vulnerable, it becomes a  must to address philanthropists around the world to secure the medical  services for the displaced and resident people who are in need. The  support will be provided through sponsoring medical consultations as  well as surgical and Cesarean operations.

Through  your support, we seek to secure the needed costs to sponsor 500  patients (250 surgeries and 250 C-sections for pregnant women) with an  average cost of USD 150 per surgery.

This cost will cover medical  counselling services, performing of the surgery, and the medications  that will be used during and after the surgery (analgesics, anesthetics,  antibiotics and serums) along with the needed laboratory tests and  radiography.

A Qualitative surgeries has performed at SEMA Hospitals

A quality surgery returns the smile to the face of a child, called Bassam, and ends the concerns of his parents.

Bassam  Al-Aboud is a three-year-old child whose parents waited for a long time  till he finally came to this life. He suffered from a swelling lesion  on his chin, and it expanded over time and reached his neck, which  caused a continued concern for his parents fearing for his life.

Watch  this great success that was done by the medical team in the Idleb  Specialized Surgical Hospital, which is supported by SEMA, and see how  they returned the smile back to Bassam’s face and his parents’.

SEMA saves a little girl, Aa’esha, from a huge lesion on her face.

Aa’esha  is a three-year-old child who had been sick in her first months after  birth, as a lesion started to get bigger on her face to the extent that  it distorted her innocence and her glittering eyes. The huge lesion  deprived her of enjoying a normal childhood and playing with her peers,  and it caused other psychological problems. After she was brought to  Idleb Specialized Surgical Hospital, which is supported by SEMA, and  after the diagnosis, a surgical operation was conducted through several  phases and her cases was closely followed up until her suffering finally  ended and her smile was drawn back on her innocent face.

How  great is to save the lives of the most vulnerable patients in north of  Syria, especially children like Aa’esha, to help them survive, and to  end their suffering and pains!

Your generosity today will help them survive!

Donate any amount: $1, $10, $100 …$1000, and every contribution can make a difference and save a life!

  • You can be a cause for saving the life of a pregnant woman who needs a Cesarean surgery to live with her child.
  • Your donation may prevent a limb amputation for a patient who needs an emergency surgery but he/she cannot afford it.

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May Allah bless you and reward you for your generosity and benevolence in this life and the hereafter…