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Road to Miss New York USA

Organizer & Beneficiary: Nicolette Templier

Road to Miss New York USA

Hello Friends, Family, and Colleagues current and past,

It is my great pleasure to announce that I I will be competing in the 2018 Miss New York USA Pageant! What a thrilling experience to embark on!

My participation comes with the opportunity to not only further myself professionally but also to promote a positive platform: mental health in communities of color.

I've chosen mental health as my platform because far too often members of those communities are exposed to traumatizing events, whether it be on the news or in life, and are not provided outlets to express their feelings, to mourn, or simply make sense of it all.

Instead, they are expected to internalize and move on with their usual routine. Resilience is honorable, but compartmentalized stress can prove to be deadly. Suicide rates among people of color are disturbingly high and we must do something about it. Depression and anxiety are ignored in these communities and I believe that needs to change.

This is a problem very dear to my heart because as a survivor of my own trauma, including sexual assault, I quietly battle everyday with a debilitating combination of both anxiety and depression. Therapy, counseling, and meditation have saved my life and I believe the negative stigma associated with "seeking help" should be removed.  Confronting the dark empowers us to shine even brighter in the light.

Please join me on this journey to empower young women, men, and children so they too can know we all deserve a chance to be legendary.

I would be honored if You, Your company, or anyone you know would like to sponsor me on the road to Miss New York USA. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated to cover my pageant sponsorship fees. Any amount is greatly appreciated! 

Much Love Peace and Blessings to you all!! 

Nicolette Templier,

Your Future Miss New York USA 2018

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