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Please help my child in his treatment

Organizer & Beneficiary: tuhani jabr

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Please help my child in his treatment

I am Tahani Jaber from Gaza City, a mother of three children and my husband is unemployed, and we have been suffering from poverty and hunger for more than 15 years in Gaza, and we cannot provide the minimum requirements for life. I have a child who suffers from impaired kidney function and high blood pressure, with  The presence of a disorder in the rate and percentage of salts in the blood since birth, and he needs multiple treatments, and he needs medical follow-up for life, and if treatment is not provided to him, his life will be at risk, so I ask everyone to help him, so that I can provide him with treatment, and medical examinations for him  Continuously, and provide a decent life for him and my family, so that we can live like others.

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