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Help COUCH get to Ann Arbor for NASCO Institute!

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Help COUCH get to Ann Arbor for NASCO Institute!

Hello friends and neighbors!

Community of Urbana Co-operative Housing (COUCH) is fundraising to send 1/3 of its membership to an educational training institute held Nov 2-4 by the North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO), a co-op network celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

With your donations, we'll be able  to participate in this weekend of learning and work towards strengthening our co-ops and and communities!

To sweeten the deal, we'll give out gifts to those who donate over certain amounts!

If you donate over $5, COUCH will give you a button (your choice of several designs, or you can ask us for a specific design!)

If you donate over $10, we'll send you  a zine of some of our favorite recipes or a coupon for a meal at Harvest House or Brooks! 

Please send your mailing address to after making your donation and we will get you your gift in the next few weeks!

Thank you so much!!

Why do we want to go to Institute?

COUCH has a long term goal of expanding cooperative housing options in Urbana-Champaign, bringing community-managed, affordable housing to as many people as possible. We'd like to send our members to Institute to gain skills that will make our cooperative houses more accessible, efficient, and robust. Institute offers over 50 educational training sessions, discussions, and workshops!

This year, so many people are interested in going to Institute, which is awesome! Having a large fraction of our membership attend will let us attend parallel sessions, network more, and bring a ton of knowledge back to our houses in Urbana! :)

Budget Outline

Registrations: $2240 (for 12 people)

Scholarships already received: $750 from NASCO Properties to COUCH, plus at least $325 for individuals (we will update here if we get more scholarships!).

Total amount still needed: $1165

We are asking for $1200 to give us some wiggle room in our budget. Any extras will help pay for gas (we are carpooling up to Ann Arbor from Champaign-Urbana!)

To read more about COUCH:

To read more about Institute, the event we are raising funds to attend: