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Israel Holy Land Pilgramage 2017

Organizer & Beneficiary: Sanyika Calloway

Israel Holy Land Pilgramage 2017

Shalom and thank you for visiting my page to learn how and why I am requesting your prayers and financial support of my Israel Holy Land Tour in October 2017.

Israel Holy Land Pilgrimage 2017

Over a decade ago I started praying about the opportunity, desire and privilege to travel to Israel.

At the time I attended Evangel Church in Scotch Plains, NJ and the Sr. Pastor had traveled there several times - each time he came back with more fire, insight and passion for God's Word.

The Bible literally came alive for me as he told stories about and posted pictures on the screen of places he'd been that Jesus walked out in the Word.

I was enthralled, captivated and inspired to go - one day, someday.

It's an interesting thing, "someday," it has an allure of being real - but always in the far off future - yet never right now or tangible. As a mentor of mine once said, "you can't circle 'someday' on a calendar."

Ah, the circle... in 2011 I got a copy of "The Circle Maker" by Mark Batterson and it changed the way I pray. Quite literally the concept of "circling the wall of Jericho" came alive! To recall the profound - albeit seemingly strange - battle plan given to a people who were "out manned" and "under resourced" and God instructed to sing, praise and march around the barrier that stood between them and their victory.

No battering rams to advance, no flaming arrows to throw or powerful pistols to shoot; just the equivalent of "praise dancing" done consistently, in faith. Whoa!

In the span of time between beginning to circle my prayers and now, I have been delighted and amazed by the NUMEROUS unlikely victories and "fallen walls" that I've witnessed in my own life.

God has literally shown up and "showed off," in ways that are miraculous! From guiding me through a "water walking" experience of moving from the East Coast to West Coast, to redeeming my childhood and repairing my broken heart post-divorce.

A few weeks ago, the opportunity came and the urge along with it, that NOW IS THE TIME - this year is my "someday" for Israel.

Mariners Church, which I've been attending since God transplanted me to California in 2014 is planning a Holy Land Tour, October 18-27th and God has confirmed through no less than THREE (so far) "only God," encounters that indeed THE TIME IS NOW for you to go to Israel.

I share this with you because I want to invite you, challenge you, and even encourage you (it's not a coincidence that you're reading this right now) to circle Israel with me! Would you?

Talking and praying with a friend recently who has also felt she was getting a "time is now" nudge from God for a very different reason; I was reminded of something very sobering ... our disobedience holds up/delays God's will in someone else's life.

Think of it as a grand chess game, God chooses to allow our free will - so when He attempts to advance one "board piece" because He's strategically moving another, if the "piece" (aka person) refuses to move; He's got to counter maneuver... make sense?

Bottom line, YOUR OBEDIENCE is not only tied to your own - but also someone else's - miracle/breakthrough and answered prayer!

So when you (or me, or any one of God's people) fail to MOVE when He says move, it's a LITERAL game changer for ALL involved.

At this stage of your life; you already "get" that this really isn't only about you! Right?!?!

Well, I hope you now more fully understand how much of a BIG DEAL your willingness to be moved is in the lives of others who need to GET what God wants to gift them through YOU!

What IF the vacancy you leave - if He's calling you to quit your job and go in another direction - is the answer to the prayer of an unemployed man who has been patiently waiting for God to "open a door of provision" so that he can regain his self-respect and care for his family?!

Or what IF there is a woman who is about to enter into another relationship with the next BAD NEWS guy in a cycle of "man-drama" because she doesn't know her identity/worth in Christ Jesus that only you could share through the ministry He's stirred on the inside of you?!

And what IF sowing a seed in prayer and/or financial in support of me saying YES to Israel was just what God chose to use as a catalyst for a "wall" you've been circling in prayer to fall?!

Just sayin...

As I continue to "obey without delay" the dream He's placed in my heart of "someday" walking the streets of Jerusalem and the opportunity that's in my hands RIGHT NOW to go; I'm also praying for YOUR courage, strength, surrender and obedience to the steps He's ordered for you next!

Be a game changer. Be a circle maker.

Godspeed, Peace & Blessings,

P.S. If you feel led to make a financial contribution towards my trip to Israel you can do so electronically here on this page.

Or, please send all check donations to:

Inspired Travel
3000 W MacArthur Blvd. #450
Santa Ana, CA 92704

*IMPORTANT: On the "Memo/Notes" line of the check you must include "Sanyika Calloway, Reservation #: 1011119"

P.S.S The paid in full balance is due August 3, 2017. I'm excited to watch God work! I'll keep you posted!