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Rachels Bike Accident. Full Story. please share and donate

Organizer & Beneficiary: Fitzi Fitzäy

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Rachels Bike Accident. Full Story. please share and donate

On the night of Friday, October 14th, I got off work around 11 pm and tried to call Rachel to tell her that I will be home in 10 mins after I put my e-bike together. Sadly she didn't answer, but I didn't think anything of it. It happens sometimes. So I put my helmet on because Rachel insists that I wear it and she bought me a pretty cool one with lights and clip-on sunglasses for my birthday. I biked home and was confused that her car was there as well as her stuff. After walking through the house to see if she was there, I checked my phone and her Apple GPS location. When I looked on my phone, I saw that she was located on the bike trail. I thought she was probably riding her bike back home after being out with her friends. After a couple of minutes, I checked her location again and saw that she was at the same location. I really started to worry and texted her friend, Cristi, but got no response. Then her friend, Annabel, messaged me and told her to call her because Rachel fell. After that everything was a big blur...

I just remember her friend telling me on the phone, "Please come! We are on the bike trail! Rachel fell and it's bad! Can you come? We called 911. Please come!"

While on the phone with them, I drove down to the location. I was so panicked. It was a wonder that I found the location. I saw flashing red lights. I arrived just after the ambulance got there. As the paramedics brought the stretcher, I ran down the path to where Rachel was. Her friends, Cristi and Annable, were in a panic. I saw paramedics working on Rachel.

I was in shock. There was blood everywhere...

Rachel was breathing but unresponsive. She was bleeding out of her ears and nose and throwing up. I was losing it...

The paramedics put her onto the stretcher and loaded her into the ambulance. I asked if I could go with her, but they said no so I drove myself to the hospital to meet them there.

I arrived at Bayfront Hospital ahead of the ambulance then they told me that Rachel's ambulance had just arrived.

I had to wait.

Hours went by with no updates.Nothing made sense.I couldn't believe it.

I was not myself.

Rachel's friend, Christi, met me at the ER. She explained that Rachelwanted to leave earlier and told them that she would be ok biking home alone. Rachel told them that she didn't want to ruin the fun and it was also because of the time. Christi and Annabel told Rachel they didn't want her to go alone because it isn't safe at night. Thankfully, they went with her.When Rachel had the accident, they immediately called 911.They made sure she was breathing which meant they were covered with Rachel's blood. It was bad, but they did the right thing.

It's not fair.

Rachel is always a mama bear by telling us to do the right thing like wear a helmet and she always leads by example. She's always taking care of us.

Finally the hospital staff gave me an update and I could go to her room.

This is what I saw...

My wife and partner. The person I love so dearly.In the nearly 8 years we've been together, we've never had a fight. The worst we had was a strong argument over whether Taylor Swift had any real talent or was she just a celebrity.In 8 years we have spent nearly every day together and were never really apart.

We all know how the medical system in the US is_________ (fill in the blanks).I don't know yet what the full cost of her medical care and bills will be.I still can't understand it.

I'm just holding her hand while everything is falling apart.

I'm from Germany so that's why the grammar is a bit off, but Rachel always mentioned that having a medical emergency was her nightmare because of the extremely high cost of medical care here in the US. This is why Germany would be better because healthcare there is affordable.

I want to protect her from this as much as possible.

Currently she is still in ICU with a severe head trauma. Since her accident, she is improving daily. She wants kisses and knows my name and she is making big steps forward

Her lungs are getting worse (I hope this changes). I'm not a doctor nor am I good at writing this.

She calls me a robot because I'm very controlled and can handle all the family issues. I have pretty well without showing a lot of emotions, but I can't handle this. I just cry. Please help us. Help her.It's her worst nightmare to deal with such an injury and then hospital costs and insurance issues on top of this.

The money will go towards medical bills or bills that come from this accident. If there is any money left over, we will donate it to a worthy charity.

But this is America and this journey just started, so $25K might not even be enough.Please pray or share.

Please help Rachel. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated.Thank you.

Rachel's husband,Fitzi