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School Supplies Drive for Paradise Families!

Organizer & Beneficiary: SARAH SHERRATT

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School Supplies Drive for Paradise Families!

If you're like most people I've talked to in the past couple of weeks, you'd love to help with relief efforts for victims of the Camp Fire, but are unsure of the best way to give or serve...

My aunt Terri Emmons is a teacher for CORE Butte County, a personalized learning charter school supporting families who homeschool their children. 

Six of the families she oversees lost their homes in the Camp Fire. 

We're raising funds to purchase basic school supplies for these families so that the kids can get back to their studies, providing a little bit of "normal" after having their lives turned completely upside down. 

Here's a little info about the students you're helping:

The Davenports: Thomas, 8th grade – very bright, loves robotics, legos, and loves to read. Hannah – 4thgrade - plays the violin, takes horseback riding lessons, very bright, loves to read

The Dewells: Trenten, 8thgrade – Loves Science and History- Very involved with Boy Scouts and 4-H.  He also plays the violin and loves to run.  He is an amazing young man!   

The Prices: Aiden, 5thgrade – He loves Science and has a very curious and inquisitive mind.  He loves to read and learn about everything. He came in 3rd in our school Spelling Bee.   Ethan, 2nd grade – He is very quiet and shy, but is very bright and loves to learn.  

The Kincheloes: Samuel, 5thgrade – He is very quiet and shy with a great sense of humor.  He plays the violin and loves legos! 

The Loves: Hailey, 6thgrade - Very sweet and kind young lady.  She is very bright, loves to read and loves projects and reports!  McKenna, 7thgrade – Also very sweet young lady.  She has severe anxiety and is having a very rough time with all the events of the fire.

The Hutts: Addison, 2nd grade & Ava, 5th grade – A very sweet family that is new to CORE Charter School!