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A fresh start for Edna

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A fresh start for Edna

Edna smiles through all of the bad things that came here way. It was just her way of surviving. She loves life, loves people and loves her fellow dogs. She’s sweet and mild-mannered and has a smile for everyone she meets, even though she spent a lot of time tied up, treated like a yard ornament. She should be family, a loved companion, not just tossed into a back yard shackled to a tree. Her only dream then was getting away. Now, she has a new dream. A family. A life of happiness. A life of comfort. A happy ever after. Our friends at Ozzie to the Rescue have teamed up with Dahlonega Animal Rescue Society, Inc. to make sure she has that chance. She’s on her way thanks to the incredible Rescue Army that gave her what she needed to find her way to rescue. Thank you!