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Help to change my religion and move out of contry

Organizer & Beneficiary: Habib

Help to change my religion and move out of contry


I am Habib,

I want few lines for your kind consideration and help.


I am 35 years of age, living in Pakistan. I want to change my religion from Muslim to another. But as far as our country and their people is concern, it is hard to announce and express about change of religion or even think about it. I am just telling you and want immediate help from you.


You may not see my tears in my eyes but you can feel fear in my heart.


As this thing is completely secret , and i want to do the same from you all as well till i leave this country. As you may know, the recent Social Media Blogger case, the Justice in High Court of Islamabad called them "Terrorist".


You feel what it means to me and increase my fear.


This fear came when i visit local Church, after that people in my relatives and others, asked me so many questions , about why i go there, what i want from them, Are you thinking about change in religion?? etc etc... in the last they gave me serious threat of my life as this is allow in Muslims and its normal practice in our country.


I want you to help me in this hour of need and i want to move to another country in Humanitarian Basics.


I am 35 years old man, having completed my 12 years education. I have COMPUTER Diploma as well. I am typing course certificate as well. I am working as a Admin Assistant here since 2006. I have over 10 years of experience in this field as well. I have done IELTS and score 6.0 Grade. I have computer skills and Office skills to work there with.


I wrote all about my education and experience as well , so that you all meight think that i am illiterate and not have a job or work experience.. I can manage my self independently.


I just want your help in this case, and i again request you to keep his SECRET until i leave this country. 


You can only contact me via E-mail. I am not giving my address and contact details, so that any person can see this and they will Kill me.


I am looking forward for your help in urgent basics to move me out from this country on Humanitarian Basics, so that my life is secured as well.


I shall be very thankful to you for this kind act of favor.




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