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help my brother kelly with his battle with canser

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help my brother kelly with his battle with canser

When you are five and half and you have sparkly little moon eyes and a  smile that lights up the whole world and you're missing your two front  teeth yet you have a great family that is bigger than big and loves you  with everything they have...

and when yo dont have moeny to help yor little brother who is sick and need realy help yo will be sad aloot

We  are asking that you please support my brothe kelly during this  difficult time. my brother he local Santa Cruz family who on Friday  March 24 rushed their son Seth to frankfort  Hospital. It was discovered  that he had a large brain tumor the size of a golf ball located near  his brain stem. He was immediately rushed to Stanford Hospital where he  underwent emergency brain surgery. Unfortunately, the tumor was found to  be malignant and he will need continued treatment. Seth is a  kindergartener at Green Acres Elementary School in Live Oak. He is a  loving, smart young boy and is an amazing big brother. We are asking  that you donate to Seth's cause to help with expenses of daily living.  Emmett is the sole financial provider for his family but is needed at  Seth's bedside during this difficult time. Any amount donated would be  greatly appreciated. Please keep kelly Danger in your thoughts and  prayers!

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