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Happy Freuds - 2018

Organizer & Beneficiary: Happy Freebird

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Happy Freuds - 2018

Sorry it's been so long (too long) in the process finishing the album, but we are HAPPY to report we're getting closer with the last few recordings now. So to all of you who've supported us so far, we've not forgotten and you will all receive with limited/special versions of the CD!

Being an international young guys band here on the northern costa blanca, Spain,  we are now for 2018 aiming to take the "next step".

We will by end of  March 2018 release our first proper CD which will include both current originals such as Background Noise, Song-X, etc but also additional new material yet not released. 

Funding aims to both enable a pro-production of the CD but also to back/fund our intended first road tour summer 2018 outside of Spain. For that we simply need to get backup equipment, etc.

Deal is; anyone supporter will get a FANS ONLY collectible CD
Max 400 CD's
- For any 12 USD endorsement
(Equals approx a 10/11 euro transfer via paypal )

Max 100 CD's
- Personally signed & unique band T-shirt for any
For any 24 USD endorsement
(Equals approx a 20/23 euro transfer via paypal )

NOTE; If we do not reach at least 200 CD's in total, then campaign will discontinue
and any funds raised paid back in full.

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