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Toni's Legal Fund

Organizer & Beneficiary: Toni King

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Toni's Legal Fund

On Sunday 3-10-19 there was a very neglected dog posted on facebook, the dog needed immediate help, and I offered to clean the dog up. Its eyes were completely matted shut, its hair all over its body was matted, it had a large cyst on its back, and its tails were curled under its paws and going up towards the paws irritating the paws making it uncomfortable to walk, and the dog was sneezing aggressively, which meant a possible upper respiratory infection). 

The dog was cleaned up and then given to a rescue that had more experience with those issues and the breed of dog. 

On Tuesday 3-11-19 I was arrested by Aiken County, for " Receiving Stolen Goods, value less then 2,000.00" I spent around 5-6 hours in jail, a couple being processed, an hour to wait for bond court, and then a couple more to be released, to come back home to my husband, and my two kids, along with the other rescues that we currently have. I was taken away from my family, simply because I offered to help a STRAY  NEGLECTED dog. The bond for me to be released was 2,125.00, which my husband had to borrow and we have to pay back. 

On Thursday 3-12-19 We have got an absolutely wonderful attorney to take the case, and because of the circumstances of the case, he is only asking for 500.00 up front, and then 500.00 if for some odd reason, it makes it to a trial. 

Everyone knows how dedicated I am to helping injured, abused, and neglected animals. Our first priority to the injured, neglected, abused, dogs we get is to get them the medical attention that they require. 

In 3 years, 4 months I have through our rescue, saved, vetted, and placed 507 dogs and some cats into wonderful forever homes. We have seen some of the worst abuse cases come through, and we have NEVER had an issue like this. And this issue, should of never happened.
The sweat and tears we have shed for 100's of animals, has always been worth it once the animal has been placed into a loving furever home.

We have successfully sent back several lost dogs to their owners who have correctly identified their dogs with out issues. 

We as a family, never ask others for help, we are the first to help everyone else, but in this case, I am unfortunately going to publicly ask for help towards the Bond and Legal Fees for this nonsense.

I can not post details on this case, I can not defend myself over social media, I can not comment on anything, even though many people have jumped on the drama train and considered me GUILTY until proven innocent, but the people who know me, and matter, know the truth, and I appreciate all the love and support we have received since this started happening. There are no words to express what I felt, when I started reading all the comments on facebook, of the people willing to jump up and support us to make sure I came home, to my family and kids. So we want to make sure to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you.

As for this charge, it is false, and I wish to remind everyone that there are 2 sides to every story. And to those who choose to try and humiliate me for helping a stray NEGLECTED dog, I feel sorry for you that you have nothing more important to do with your life. I would also like to remind, that Defamation of Character, is real.

If anyone can help with this, it would be unbelievably appreciated. I am sorry that I can not answer your questions, or make comments or posts regarding this issue, and after this statement, there will not be another on the matter, until everything is done and taken care of. I can only hope everyone understands that.