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I need help and I only have til 8/3/2019 please help.

Organizer & Beneficiary: Student X

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I need help and I only have til 8/3/2019 please help.

Dear Onlookers,

I am Student X. Going to college has taught me that life may be way more I’m predictable than I was ever informed. There are an unmeasurable number of things that are out of control and circumstances that just don’t work in your favor. In all honesty I thought I had some of figured out. Well, at least paying for college. I never anticipated all the charges and hidden fees and at the end I was just blindsided things. Being a first time college student and trying to figure things out independently is on heck of a task. I manage to survive 2 semesters with everything in control. That is until I was hit with a letter stating that my name had been placed in collections and that I still owed the school close to $7000. After disputing some of theses charges I still owe them $5000. 

I tried taking out a private loan but was denied. Got sugar daddies but that turned into situations where fraud had to be committed or the mentorship agreement would turn into something else and honestly that lifestyle was not something I would partake in. Therefore that was a bust. Got jobs, worked them, no income. Then did odd jobs for good money but landed in some weird situations. With 1 step towards my goal I would always land 3steps back. I have even tried the loan sharks and they wouldn’t even Lend me a penny. At this point I’ve done an extensive amount task to reach my goal that I could write a novel titled “The misadventures of Student X”. I’ve reached a point where I’m just contemplating how to get away in manners that I shouldn’t even speak of but it just seem like what life has come to.

  • An exhausted and hopeless student X

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