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Ducky Needs Surgery

Organizer: Gail Lustig
Beneficiary: shelter rescue, inc.

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Ducky Needs Surgery

Ducky will be having the second of the three surgeries he needs, hopefully on Monday, June 17th.  We still need funding to cover the last surgery.  Ducky is such a trooper.  He loves everyone, and as they say...has never made a stranger.  In spite of all he has been through, and continues to endure, Ducky is as sweet and loving as ever.  Please help us restore the use of his legs that some cruel person took away from him!

Ducky is the sweetest boy, in spite of all he has been through.  Ducky is unable to walk normally because both of his Achilles' tendons have been cut through.  This is something that was probably done deliberately!  Ducky came into Coweta County Shelter with a terrible wound on his left rear leg (see inset picture).  He spent over two months in the hospital, but the wound has never completely healed.  The picture on the left is what it looks like today!  The doctors now feel Ducky has a deep infection,  most likely one that is in the bone.  Without surgery, he may not survive.  This is just the first step in the care that Ducky will need, but this must happen before we can begin to restore the complete use of his legs.  Won't you help Ducky live his life out as the happy, playful dog he is already trying to be?  All donations are tax deductible and will go to Ducky's care.  We, and Ducky, thank all of you who care about this loving boy...loving in spite of what so called humans have done to him.