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Give me five!

Organizer: Dog Days Volunteers
Beneficiary: dog days rescue

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Give me five!

Dog Days Rescue has done amazing work this 2nd quarter in 2019. But with our large hearts we took on some large medical cases and did not receive the donations needed to cover the cost. We are at a stand still until we can get some of our bills caught up. 

Since March 1st we have taken into rescue 73 dogs and one kitten. Most of these dogs came from very over croweded shelters! 58 dogs were adopted out into loving homes. 

In May, we had a very successful fundraiser where we were able to get caught up for the moment, have 25 pups spayed and neuter and Evan received his heartworm treatment.  We need some of that magic again!  

Over the last month we have picked up a few medical cases that have once again gotten us behind.  Let me give you 5 reasons to help support Dog Days Rescue. 

1. Sampson ~ a mangy pup came along with 13 other dogs that were in an over crowded shelter. Sampson suffered from manage all over his body. Treatment was not enough and Sampson died in loving arms days after we received him. His poor body just could not fight anymore.  Cost $500 and many broken hearts :( 

2. Four mangy pups with Parvo. These babies needed Dog Days and our community. When Parvo breaks, time is important. We had no time to wait for donations. When we started our fundraiser strong raising $400 on the first day... we took a leap of faith and pulled all 4 plus their mama. But donations stopped at $415 and we were left with 4 parvo babies that needed treatment costing about $500 per pup. These four babies have flourish with treatment. They are recovering beautifully!!!  

3. This sweet little girl was left in a Walmart box at the gas station on a very hot day. She was covered in mange, infested with parasites. How could we say no ? Could you...

4. Snowflake was an urgent call from an over crowded shelter in middle Georgia. Help! We have so many nursing mamas. Can you take one? We wish we could take them all, but we had to pick just one and Snowflake caught our eyes. A small 30 lb mama with 6 two week old babies. Mom had hair loss on her ears due to living outside and flies biting.  Her babies were so young they did not even have their little eyes open. The shelter is no place to raise a family! We took Snowflake and her babies home on a  Friday. The following Monday we noticed she went from not eating much to not eating at all. Something was wrong!  Snowflake spent most of the week at our vet getting medicine and fluids, test after test.  They found out she was suffering from Pancreatitis :( Snowflake has returned to her foster mom and finished up ten days of Medication. She was placed on special diet and given a quiet place to rest. She almost killed herself trying to take care of herself and her 6 beautiful babies. :( 

5. With Mama in the hospital, the babies were forced to start bottle feeding.  These little ones are fighters and have taken well to the bottle. The two bigger ones have even mastered the art of drinking from a bowl. They begged for donations for their mama,  but sadly only $1355 out of the projected $3K was raised.  

Dog Days runs solely on Donations from people just like you. We are Challenging everyone to donate just $5! $5 will not change the world but it will mean the world to these pups! 

We gave you five reasons. Can you Donate $5 and then to keep it going by challenging  5 others to donate as well.  Let us watch as your $5 donation turns to $25 turns to $125 as we continue to share, tag, and challenge the community to step up and help Dog Days help these pups and more! 

What happens if we don't get donations? At this time, we have 25 babies waiting to be spayed/neutered, just itching to get out of foster care and into loving homes. We have every foster spot filled with no room to pick up new dogs.  There are hundreds of dogs in the shelter at risk every day, Dozens of emails coming in, "PLEASE HELP!"

 At the moment we have to say No. Help us say YES!!!  

Rescue is impossible without the help of the community. Help us make rescue possible!!!

If you have already made a donation, Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts! Your Donations is what makes what we do possible! 


Dog Days Volunteers