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Help me improve my family’s situation

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Help me improve my family’s situation

                                    Here is my story :

My name is Ayman, I am 34 years old, from Palestine, from the Gaza Strip. I am a hardworking person who graduated from a university in Palestine and specialized in the study of the history of Palestine. I  also volunteered in a human rights organization and many schools, institutions, human rights organizations...etc. I have volunteered at local youth groups and workshops to educate members of my community about the history of Palestine. I work hard day and night to sell some things to earn some money to face the hardships and harsh conditions we live in Gaza on a daily basis.

Several international institutions have said that Gaza is not fit for human life. Peo ple here are struggling to survive. They don't even have the basic human rights that everyone in the world has!  One of my terrible daily problems here is that I am having difficulty providing daily food for my children, and my house needs many repairs because it was damaged during the Israeli wars on Gaza! My dream now is to be able to renovate my house to protect me from the scorching heat of the sun and the deadly cold of the night. Nobody in the world would like that for their children or friends.  

My family and I live in the hell of the 21st century because of the ignorance of the international community. All I wish is to make my dreams come true. This can only happen with your help.

Help me start my new life and do what I've been striving for for so many years.

               Contribute whatever you can, please!

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