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Ike's Lifesaving Heartworm Treatment

Organizer & Beneficiary: Lab Lovers Rescue, Inc.

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Ike's Lifesaving Heartworm Treatment

Ike is coming to our rescue here in the Rochester, NY area once his heart worm treatment is complete. You can also see that he's got some kind of skin issues - probably allergies, that will need to be addressed.

Here's his story:

The man who brought Ike to the shelter was calling him "Dummy".  He said his female dog had died the previous week.  Since they only got Ike to be a companion for her, and now she was gone, they had no further use for him...  Had never really had any use for him.  When asked why, he said, "I just don't like Labs."  Can you believe that?  Someone doesn't like a Lab?  He's mellow and sweet. 

He's lived his whole life outside, and just lost his only friend.  How sad to think nobody ever really wanted him.  He seems sad, like he doesn't think he's worth much.

We can fix that, but first, we need to get him healthy! Won't you please help?