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19 years old kicked out of house

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19 years old kicked out of house

Hello, I am a 19 years old graduating high school just in a few months, and I have been having pretty hard time recently. My mom kicked me out of house, so I've had to be paying rent for a while now and for food as well, you know. I am doing a lot of part-time jobs or even some stuff online to make money, but time is rough, I have to study now as well, and although I've been trying to save and invest at least a bit, I got into a bit of a debt now and to be honest, I am pushing it forward for something like three months now. It's not big, something like 800 in USD I guess and I will be able to get rid of it slowly, I hope, but you know, I ain't sleeping good due to it. Additionally, I bought tickets to a concert of one of my favorite interprets for this weekend, but since I have nearly no money to live off, I probably won't afford even the train ticket to Prague (I am Czech, btw), unless I get my hands on something. If you could help me out, I would be actually amazed - I should be visiting one of my friends that I work with in Prague as well, so this trip could pay back! 

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