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Help Us Survive the Rest of 2018

Organizer & Beneficiary: Danielle Wilbur

Help Us Survive the Rest of 2018

Please consider helping our little family of two.

I am a queer/enby and autistic solo parent of one who needs a bit of help to survive the rest of 2018. I don't consider myself the best at asking for help when I need it, but after a sexual assault, a sprained ankle while working, and zero child support over the course of the last quarter of school, we're having a hard time staying afloat. Yule gifts are already secured for kiddo, we're clothed warmly, we have food to go around, and I've been applying for seasonal jobs like mad, but my art hasn't been selling lately and I'm getting very worried about us slipping too far behind on payments for things like car insurance and store credit while we wait for Winter quarter to start (I'm currently an Evergreen student studying how best to trauma inform systems of conflict resolution) and tax season to arrive with the funds to help pay down some of our debts accrued while we've been in a major period of adjustment--not only as two individuals, but as a family unit too. Until then, all we have to do is stay current so we don't go too far under to manage when those things come! I have budgeted tightly and we need almost $500 just to keep my car insurance and stay current enough on all due or nearly due payments, to make it until either 1) I secure a seasonal job or 2) we make it to the second week in January when we are finally back on track by my own means.  Anything beyond that will be put into savings so we (*knock on wood*) won't have to ask for help like this again.

Can you help us get there?  Consider donating to our cause or sharing it with your friends. Every little bit counts, and we will appreciate it more than you might realize. We both greatly appreciate any generosity and understanding we receive from this fundraiser. Thank you.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am open to answering questions about how we got to this point and what the plan is for our future if it supports your decision-making process as a donor.


11/20/18: My car insurance for November has been paid and my bank account is back in the green, y'all! Immeasurable gratitude for everyone who has donated so far! Love you folks!