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Belize Christmas Fundraiser 2017

Organizer & Beneficiary: Todd Roebken and Schuyler Marshall

Belize Christmas Fundraiser 2017

Help us support Golden Stream Elementary in Belize!

For those that don't know: Todd Roebken ("Roeby") has been traveling to southern Belize for many years, and he began supporting an elementary school. It started by buying the 200 or so kids Christmas gifts, then expanded to helping the school with badly needed equipment and facilities. 

Update for those that know: In 2015, you helped upgrade the solar power system with all new batteries for around $2000. That allowed the school to power refrigerators necessary for the nutrition program -- feeding the kids the only square meal they get every day.

In 2016, you helped buy a new fridge that cost about $1000.  With extra funds, we also started construction on a new cafeteria. With your donations and a couple $ thousand from Roeby's pocket, we have now raised $3000 out of $5000 needed for the cafeteria.

It takes about $2000 to buy gifts for the kids and we need at least another $2000 for the cafeteria, so our goal this year is $4000.