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B Plan

Organizer & Beneficiary: Colin Mahar

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B Plan

Hello, everyone. This is Colin Joseph Wolfgang Mahar, coming to you live from the East Village, New York City. Where, as you know, things are tough and about to get tougher.

A friend from France wrote this afternoon to ask me how I was doing and when I told him I was out of work (I was working as a waiter in a French bistro on the Lower East Side)  and that I was pretty much without any savings, he said "Ouch ! I hope you have a B plan". 

Well, friends, I have no backup plan. While Elisa and I are thankfully still in good health and hunkered down in the studio, but we have both temporarily lost our incomes. Things are about to get very tight for me. I have been trying to figure out how I can reinvent income streams and jump into the steep online learning curve. Meanwhile, I need to survive and so I'm asking for support from friends and family. It's hard to do this without feeling embarrassed or undeserving. It feels like everyone is suffering in this crisis, so who am I to be asking for help? 

But the truth is I do need it and so I'll just trust that there is no shame in turning to my loved ones in this time of crisis. If you can, you will, and if you can't, you know I understand.

In return, I will show you a recipe from my repertoire, write you a lovely poem or sing to you, or converse with you in French, or in English about the true nature of reality, or we can ruminate about the power of love, the Beauty of Truth or the Genius of Jack Kirby, King Tubby and David Foster Wallace, and when all of this has passed, I would love to make you dinner. 

Thank you from the bottom of a very uncomfortable place.