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Trixie, Reggie and Rudy are ready for rescue

Organizer: Shane Harrison
Beneficiary: paws jackson

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Trixie, Reggie and Rudy are ready for rescue

Once upon a time an abandoned dog kept going to see a nice lady. The dog was so emaciated that there were gaps in between her ribs. The nice lady took her in and was working on putting weight on her. She now had food, water, and a home. She had a secret though and she delivered four babies.  Unfortunately,  the littlest one did not survive. She has been an amazing mama to baby Trixie, Reggie and Rudy. The nice lady reached out to Team Dahlonega to find a rescue for the babies.  They need help paying for their vetting,  supplies and transport.  Thanks to the Rescue Army and Paws Jackson, Baby Trixie, Reggie and Rudy are on their way to a happy ever after.