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A Little Help Until Things Smooth Out...

Organizer & Beneficiary: Rebecca Suydam and Matthew MacDougall

A Little Help Until Things Smooth Out...

On October 24, Matt lost his job. Plain and simple.
We've both been looking for work since but there just doesn't seem to be anything available.
He's been Sign Dancing for a shop nearby but it doesn't pay enough to cover the rent or even the bills.
He just took the Civil Service Test for a job with the public library but even if he gets that job, he won't get paid in time to make our rent.
So, we're asking for a minimum of $600 to cover our rent. Anything else will go towards paying our gas and electricity bills to keep us warm and our internet bill so we can keep putting out applications.
I'm not sure what else to put here other than simply that we could use a bit of cheer in our lives right now. Please, if you can help, we'd really appreciate it.
Our rent is due on January 1 and our bills start hitting on December 21st.

UPDATE: Matt got a job at last! But, we still need your help to get things paid up until he starts getting checks. Please spread this around and donate if possible.

UPDATE2: Things seem to be going well. Matt will be getting his first check soon but we still need a little help just to make ends meet until we can caught up on everything.