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Help Save Casey's Eyes

Organizer: Gail
Beneficiary: hearts 'n homes rescue

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Help Save Casey's Eyes

Meet 6 month old Casey, who is suffering from entropian in both eyes.  Imagine what your eye feels like when an eyelash gets into your eye, and multiply that pain 100 times, and you'll have an idea of what Casey feels every day.  Entropian happens when the eyelids roll inwards, and the lashes constantly rub against the eyes.  This extremely painful condition is actually easily corrected, but it requires surgery.  Left untreated, it will not only be constant pain, but will affect Casey's eyes and cause permanent damage.  we don't know how long Casey has been living with this, but we know we need to get it fixed quickly.   Hearts 'n Homes Rescue pulled Casey from Coweta County Animal Services today, and we hope to get her in for surgery when the vet offices reopen after the holiday.  Please donate whatever you can to help pay for Casey's surgery; Hearts 'n Homes is a 501 (c)(3) charity and donations are tax deductible.  

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