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Help Varya get higher education!

Organizer & Beneficiary: Kirill Dolmatov

Help Varya get higher education!

Me and my younger sister Varya have been left by our father four years ago, and we've had a rough financial situation ever since. Our mom cannot afford a proper education, which is crucial to have in Russia to be successful. My sis is dreaming of becoming a professional illustration artist. But in order to have a solid chance at enrolling at the university she would have to visit a 4-month drawing course.

It is really important for our family. Varya cannot expect much financial support from our mom since her salary averages at 18000 rubles a month (around $285), she is working 12 hour night shifts at the grocery store to barely sustain a family of three. I myself am studying at the college for a cook and only have time to work at McDonalds thrice a week, and all the money I get I give to my mom.

Neither I nor my mom do have a degree, and we really Varya to have one.

The course's price is $344. It is not a joke to us, considering our situation, but this might be the way for my sister to make a step towards her dream. Her teachers say she is talented and has a unique vision, but it is imperative for future students to understand the structure of the exam and be ready for all the difficulties.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and caring, your help will not go in vain!

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