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Jen's In Pain She's Getting a Dane

Organizer & Beneficiary: Jennifer Allen

Jen's In Pain She's Getting a Dane

Whew! Where to start? Asking for help like this is not something that really ever comes easy for anyone. But-  I need your help. A number of debilitating symptoms have started to prevent me from living my best life. PTSD, panic and anxiety attacks, joint dislocation, and chronic pain are just the basic things that I am now dealing with every day and its becoming close to impossible to do anything without assistance. I am constantly putting off tasks and avoiding social situations because I simply am not able to participate in my day to day tasks like I used to. I have about a half -dozen panic attacks a day; between being scared by co-workers unexpectedly asking me questions when I'm focused and loud planes flying overhead, I am exhausted even before lunch. Additionally, I am beginning to experience immense pain in my back that causes me great difficulty walking, even very short distances.  While I am able to get some relief from therapies and medication I have decided that the most beneficial medical equipment I could get for myself is a service dog. 

I have spent a LOT of time researching and talking to others in the serivice dog community and I have come to the conclusion that the best breed for my size and specific needs is a Great Dane. They grow large enough to be able to help me with some mobility, are very loving, and effectionate animals. I have found a wonderful breeder! I will be going through Pacific Blue’s Danes out of San Angelo, Texas. I am in awe of the beautiful, healthy, and well behaved dogs Pacific Blue’s has raised and I concider it an honor to get one of their dogs.  

All of this to say, my goal is $4,000 to pay for the dog, delivery, vetranary visits, food, supplies and training.  Getting the dog will be $2,000 on its own. I will need to purchase a large kennel, collars, vests, training, food, 𝘔𝘦𝘥𝘪𝘤𝘢𝘭 supplies, and much much more to prepare for the pup. If I reach the goal of $4,000 I will use the half to pay for the dog and the rest will be deposited into a seperate checking account just to make puchaces for my dog and any extra donations will be deposited into that account as well. 

I plan to make an Instagram for the process of getting my dog and raising it to be my partner in life! So stay tuned for updates in the following weeks for that. 

I would like to thank so many people for their encouragement, support, information, and openness about the process with me. They know who they are. 

I would also like to thank all of you for donating and supporting me in this next phase of my life. My appreciation for any kind of help runs so deep already.