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Let's get Leroy Healthy

Organizer: Gail
Beneficiary: hearts 'n homes rescue

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Let's get Leroy Healthy

Leroy has clearly not had the best life.  Sweet, loving boy, but in rough shape and heartworm positive when he ended up in Coweta County AS.  We were all so happy for him when he was adopted, but tragically, he was returned to the shelter...the adopter said he had a seizure.  Strangely, Leroy has never been observed by anyone else having a seizure.  Leroy is now out of the shelter, and enjoying life in PTC.  Leroy is a senior gentleman, and he needs to have heartworm treatment.  Please help by donating whatever you can so we can help Leroy "get healthy".  He deserves all the care and love we can provide.   All donations are tax deductible and will go directly to his care.

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