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Help Scott F's Family

Organizer: Scott McMullan
Beneficiary: elaine fisher

Help Scott F's Family

On 10/29/17, Scott F was admitted to the hospital with difficulty breathing.  In short order, he was found to be in acute renal failure, and was taken in to emergency surgery.  He had a major cardiac event, and has remained unconscious and on several forms of life support since then.   He's fighting a good fight, but there is no telling when he might be able to return to work. .  While his wife Elaine also works, his income is critical, and the family will be smothered with crippling hospital bills on top of their regular bills.  At this moment, his family's future hangs in the balance, while he is fully engaged in a fight for his life.

The family's local friends are working together to provide support through this crisis, including this fundraiser on Social.Fund to provide a conduit for compassionate people to financially contribute. 

Please consider helping this loving family in their unprecedented time of need.