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Trudy's Medical Fund

Organizer: Sharon Duncan
Beneficiary: trudy agnew

Trudy's Medical Fund

As some of you may know, our dear friend, Trudy Agnew, is dealing with some unexpected health issues right now. Trudy works at re:Move Gym in the childwatch and also at The Juice Bar in Mount Juliet, TN. She started feeling very unwell a few weeks ago and went in for tests. Her results showed anemia so severe she needed immediate blood transfusions. 

Unfortunately, she is uninsured. This caused an excruciating delay with her first treatment, which she was finally able to receive yesterday, January 17th. However, it almost didn't happen due to her self-pay status, despite her blood levels dropping even more. Thankfully, her level-headed doctor stepped in and ordered it done. 🙌 On top of this, Trudy is awaiting results of a body scan that may shed light on her anemia, potentially complicating matters even more. This was all so unexpected, and Trudy is in desperate need of our prayers and support. 

If you know Trudy, you know how much she loves our babies. You know she has a heart of gold. When I talked with her a few days ago, all she was concerned about was being able to work all the while barely being able to walk. This absolutely broke my heart for her. This should be the last thing she should be worrying about right now! I just felt the need to do something to help. I can't stand by and watch her get rejected again and get worse.

That's when I thought of creating a medical fund campaign for her. We might not make a big difference individually, but collectively we can! Please, consider donating. No amount is too small! I went with Social Fund because they do not charge fees like other crowdfunders. I know Trudy and her family will be more than grateful for any amount given and any prayers sent up.

Thank you everyone for considering! And if you support this cause, please feel free to share!

I'll include updates on her health as I hear. ❤❤❤

Update 1/23/19: Trudy was having a rough time after her first transfusion, dealing with vertigo, nausea and vomiting. And then, on top of that, she was diagnosed with strep and a sinus infection. She may need another transfusion tomorrow if her blood count is still low. Let's please keep the prayers coming!!! She sure could use some relief.

Thank you to everyone who has donated, she is SO incredibly touched. I believe it's actually what's helping her get through! She definitely feels blessed to  be loved by so many! ❤

And please continue to share her story, every little bit adds up and helps tremendously! 

Update 3/6/19

With her permission, I just wanted to update you all on Trudy's health. As you know, Trudy's iron counts were dangerously low. Doctors weren't sure the cause. They suspected it had something to do with a growth on an internal organ, so they scheduled surgery and all the while giving her transfusions to increase her blood and iron levels. Of course, when there's a growth in the body, there's concern of it being cancer. Surgery was scheduled.

During surgery, doctors found and removed all of the growths, more than they had anticipated, and sent it off for testing. We are so incredibly elated to share that it is not cancerous, praise God!!! 

Trudy says she feels so much better but is still healing from her surgery. Our prayer is that she continues to heal and her body is restored 100%. 

Trudy wants to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of her heart. She was so anxious about how she was going to pay for her treatments and surgery which wasn't helping her physical state. That's when Trudy's mom said God would provide and not to worry. Boy was she right! God showed up through all of you! Trudy now has over $3,000 to put towards her medical bills! She is beyond grateful! Seeing the donations coming in were such an upliftment to her spirit, guys. I believe it brought peace during her lowest moments and she felt so loved. Please know how much you touched and helped her get through this difficult time.

All I can say is you guys showed up and rocked!!! May you guys be blessed tenfold for your kindness and generosity! 

Let's continue to pray for her recovery and healing!

Welcome back, Trudy! We love you! 

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