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Help Aster Live Her Best Life

Organizer: Gail Lustig
Beneficiary: hearts 'n homes rescue

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Help Aster Live Her Best Life

Hearts 'n Homes is committed to helping dogs in need of medical care, no matter how severe the need.  In the last couple of months alone, we have taken a dog with systemic infection from untreated skin issues;  a blind dog who needed an eye removed; a dog with a misaligned jaw,  a hole in his mouth, and now an enlarged salivary gland that needs to be surgically removed; and most recently, a parvo puppy.  The sad face here, is Aster.  At the age of only about 2 years, we pulled Aster from the shelter and found she had a severe limp.  Aster has required major orthopedic surgery to repair a cruciate ligament tear.  There is a partial tear in he other leg, and it is possible she may need surgery on that leg as well.  Aster would love to run and play, but right now, she can't.  We want to ensure that we have the funding needed to get her healthy.  Please donate whatever you can.  It goes to Hearts 'n Homes Rescue, a 501 (c)(3) charity, for her care, and is tax deductible.  Aster is such a good girl, and like all the other medical cases, we are committed to getting her the care she needs.