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Gaza Facing Corona

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Gaza Facing Corona

After eight months of constant efforts by the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip to prevent the Coronavirus spread among society, this is by following strict procedures in dealing with people coming from outside Gaza and quarantining them in special quarantine centers, however, the disease has finally leaked to the citizens of society, dozens of cases are now registered daily, this means that the Gaza Strip is on the cusp of difficult and cruel days in the face of this disease, especially since it is estimated that the virus has spread since the beginning of August, consequently, government agencies imposed a state of total closure, and movement was almost completely prevented, in an attempt to control the epidemic and define its spread map, in the hope that issues would not completely get out of control, a curfew has been imposed, markets were closed and all businesses stopped completely, and this situation is expected to continue for months.

The families that depend on daily work are the most affected families, especially since they are mostly already poor families, the work of the head of the family is barely enough to get the basic needs, it should be known that most of this group are workers, street vendors, small market traders, drivers, and many others.

The Idea of the campaign is to provide food parcels for the affected families from the closure and curfew such as street vendors and workers families ...etc., while each food parcel will cost us 50 dollars, the food parcel will be delivered to the target families' houses, the distribution team will take the maximum recommended hygiene and sterilization conditions.

  • The association held a workshop and training program for the employees to explain the working mechanisms and methods of sterilization that ensure that the work team or the beneficiaries are not exposed to infection.

The contents of the food parcel are as follows:

1. Cooking oil 3 litres.

2. beans 6 cans

3. Cheese 4 boxes

4.  Jam 1 pot

5.  macaroni 2 bags

6.  Tea 1 box

7.  Sugar 3 kilograms

8.  Red Sauce 3 pots

9.  Tahinia 1 pot.

10.  Halawa 1 pot.

11.  olive oil 1 pot

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