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Everything is looking sweet for Roxy

Organizer: Shane Harrison
Beneficiary: doggone happy animal rescue

Everything is looking sweet for Roxy

Abandoned by her former family, Roxy began hanging around a local church and seemed lost...thankfully, she was brought to animal control for her safety and almost instantly, the staff and volunteers realized what a dream of a dog they had discovered...someone suggested her name should be Roxy...

In the Persian language, the name “Roxy” is a truncated version of “Roxanne” and means bright....whoever gave this sweet girl her name made a great choice...with a mixed coat with some white, brindle and darker colors, Roxy is really a ray of sunshine with fur...everyone needs a little light in their lives...and a few hairs on their couch...

Roxy loves people...she’s a people pleaser through and through...she loves her walks with the volunteers and enjoys every moment of freedom from her stark kennel in an otherwise sterile’s heartbreaking that someone this bright has lived in relative darkness for such a long time...sadly, though this facility houses so many awesome dogs, there is virtually no foot traffic...few people come looking for “man’s best friend” and for Roxy, that’s such a sad reality...she has so much to give and no one to give to..she needed the Rescue Army to break her free from the darkness...And they did. Now, with the help of the amazing folks at Doggone Happy Animal Rescue, she's on her way to a happy new life.