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Momma and babies surrendered only 1 day old

Organizer: Wendy Weisberg
Beneficiary: mommy rotti and her 5 puppies

Momma and babies surrendered only 1 day old

One of our volunteers heard of a momma dog who had just given birth and the landlord was kicking the whole family to the curb. Prior to getting mom and the new born pups one of the puppies had already died from being crushed. 

Our dedicated volunteers jumped to help get the puppies and mom from near Geneva and to one of our foster homes in Rochester 

One of the remaining 5 is in distress- we are working on warming the baby up and feeding it which is working so far. We are getting a nursing area set up but at last minute and 4 other mommies using most of our supplies we are hitting the late night store to get the things we need like heating pad and supplementing for the puppy 

Can you help?