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Please help me buy medicine and travel abroad for treatment

Organizer & Beneficiary: malak mahmoud

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Please help me buy medicine and travel abroad for treatment

Hi ,,  To all friends and gentle people ..  I am the child Malak Mahmoud from Gaza, 11 years old .. "Please listen to my story"  I was born in 2008, and from that moment on I live with pain and suffering  I have a chronic disease that is a chronic allergy due to the lack of immunity, and I did not leave any doctor unless I visited, and I did not find a solution to my situation,  I suffer every day, I did not live my child, I can not go out of the house because of my health  I was ashamed of the children because of my condition.  I will attach pictures to you.  My life and my childhood have been destroyed.  Please help me with my medication and buy medicine  Now my father does not have money because he is unemployed, and I beg you to help me in order to buy medicine and that I can,  Your small donation will be the cause of my treatment and I can laugh and play like other young children  Please help me.  And thank you for helping me dear friends

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