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Helping the poor and needy people in Gaza

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Helping the poor and needy people in Gaza

Hello, I am Muhammad from Palestine, I work for a charitable team that works day and night for the children of Gaza who face death and starvation with a smile that determines their fate !!

  The whole world is ignoring the siege, bombing, starvation, poverty, cutoff and suffering in Gaza ...

  There is no mercy, no justice, no affection from the outside world, and no fear of God for the war crimes committed by Israel.

  Most of the families are hungry because they have lost their income and have no opportunity to work for the income or pay for their children, but they were looking for food in garbage containers, begging and feeding themselves and their children to survive. Lots of people are waiting for your donation to help us feed them to keep them alive.

  Please donate as much as you can, without your help we cannot help. Or you can share this campaign

  Can anyone want help.  Donating a little will help ?????