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Bambam Was Bit By Something Venomous!

Organizer & Beneficiary: Toni King

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Bambam Was Bit By Something Venomous!


Please help, if you can, I'm not the type to ask for personal help, I'm really not, but we truly could use some help with our boy.

Bambam is our personal Rotti, he is just 17 months old and is one heck of a handsome guy!

On Saturday Bambams entire leg swelled 4x the size it should of been and we had to rush him to an emergency vet. The vet thought it to be some sort of trauma but there wasn't anything visible we could see, so she lanced his leg and all sorts of yuck and fluids started draining. Everything was going well and we had him home and changing bandages and squeezing out the fluids and giving him his medicine. Over the portion of Sunday night into Monday morning the wound took a turn for the worse and we rushed him up to Edgefield Veterinary Clinic this morning 9/23, where our normal vet believes that this was indeed either a spider bite (most likely a black widow as we have them around) or a snake bite. We are currently waiting, as he is fixing to be sedated and then go into surgery.

Bambam is our boy, and I am not the type of person who ever asks for help for ourselves, but we just had our 14 year old lab have a cancerous tumor removed which was 700.00 and then Bambams emergency bill Saturday, and then his emergency bill today will be more then we can financially handle all at once.

UPDATE: He is out of surgery, the wound can not be closed, it will have to be watched closely, changed daily and lasered, the area this happened in it's very dangerous for him, and if it doesn't heal, he could possibly loose his leg. It has to heal from the inside out, all the dead skin has been removed and cleaned and is wrapped.

If anyone is able to help, it would be greatly appreciated.

If not, please share, and pray for our big boy.

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