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Starting a new life

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Starting a new life

I’ve done this before and now I’m having to do it again. The pandemic has literally shattered our world. We’ve had amazing people help us a long the way, but because the job search is getting harder and harder in our small town, we can’t keep trying to survive in this community, especially with such limited resources.

In a month, we will be evicted from our home, again, our water will be turned off and so will our electric. We have asked help from social services, and there is only so much they can do. We can’t stay in this very small town and survive. We live 45 minutes from a grocery store, from anything crucial and during winter when it snows, we are stranded with almost nothing. This became especially hard when we contracted covid because Justin is an essential of the house.

We’re making this fund so that we can raise enough money to move to a city where we have more chances in life, where jobs are a lot more in abundance, traveling is accessible, especially because Lydia is chronically ill and  needs to be able to see their doctors, and the pandemic won’t potentially leave us and our fur babies homeless with no where to go. We want our little family to be able to excel and flourish as best as possible. 

Any help is definitely appreciated. 

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