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Chez Lisa

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Chez Lisa

Hello everyone. I'm Lisa Thor. As many of you know I've been a bartender/server in the industry for 10+ years. I also have the privilege to call NYC my home. But due to the coronavirus my city & my industry is suffering and many of us in the field don't know if we will have a job to come back to anytime soon.

I have been receiving calls & messages from friends and family asking how I've been doing and if they can help. Calls from friends & family in NY, NJ, CA, Canada & overseas. Like everyone when this started, I was trying to make due with the resources & savings I had. And hoped to weather the storm. I kept on saying, "I'm okay." Then I lost 2 jobs due to the government shutdown in Mid-March. But I still had hope & applied for unemployment. I still said, "I'm okay".

Fast forward to present day (5/20/20) & I have not received any unemployment or PUA benefits. At the moment my application is still "pending". I have tried hard to swallow my pride for months, but that's the straw that finally broke the camel's back. The truth is I need help now & I'm not okay. If you know me, you know how hard that is for me to say. But then I asked myself, "Is there any shame in asking for help? If I can't ask loved ones right now then who & when can you ask"? If you can help I'd appreciate it & if you can't I completely understand.

If you can give a little or a lot every good gesture counts and I would be willing to return the favor when this is all over. It could be anything from: 

1.) buying you a social distancing drink or making you one 

2.) showing you how to properly season your local Chinese takeout (trust me I'm known for this, lol)

3.) giving you recipes from my diverse cooking background (Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Thai, American) for example my famous "Chinese chili"

4.) recipes for various "road sodas" you can enjoy anywhere

5.) giving advice on a girl/guy your seeing

6.) making you dinner

The skies the limit people. Lol.

If you are only able to read this and we haven't spoken in a while, please contact me I'd love to catch up. If you could possibly share this campaign, I'd owe you one.

With my deepest thanks,


Sorry this site only allows for PayPal donations. Here is my Venmo: @Lisa-Thor 

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