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Hoarding Cat Situation - Spays&Neuters

Organizer: Toni King
Beneficiary: bully4you rescue & rehabilitation inc

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Hoarding Cat Situation - Spays&Neuters

On June 9th 2018, we walked into a horrible horrible situation. Being a dog rescue, we normally do not do cats, yet here I was standing looking at over 30 cats, and kittens, sick kittens and cats and poop everywhere. A smell unlike any that I have ever smelled before. I couldn't leave them there, so a wonderful foster agreed to help me save some of these babies. We took in 1 adult cat and 11 kittens originally. These have required much medical care. A few days later we received a call about another cat having kittens, so we brought her in as well. To then be notified that there are 3 more pregnant cats in the house, along with many other cats that we didn't even see. The couple living there believes they are saving these animals, and do not have a lot of money, and I truly believe they got in way over there heads, and they feel in their hearts they are doing the right thing, but this clearly is not. Every cat or kitten we take they make comments of wanting back like they can't realize what mess they are living in. So with agreement from them we are stepping in to help. We currently have 14 of their cats and kittens that we must vet and find homes for. To spay and neuter these 14 and get them their rabies it will cost us 1008.00 just for the vetting, that doesnt include litter and food and other vaccinations or tests. We had another rescue take on 2 kittens, and just today we had another rescue take 1 mother who had 6 kittens and another pregnant cat that they will be spaying and then returning as she is only early in her pregnancy and to young to be having kittens. This is also leaving us with 19 -25 more cats in the house that even though we have no place for them to go, we have got to get spayed and neutered to help stop what is going on in the house.  To spay and neuter these cats will be 1,625.00 plus their rabies which will be 175.00. 

This total of all these cats will bring us to a complete cost of 2808.00. 

We are setting up a fundraiser for that amount, as the spaying and neutering and rabies are the most important factors right now.

WE CANNOT do this without help. And if we dont do this, this problem will get much worse. 

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization and we are asking the community to step up and help us help this household. They need it. And we know we can do it with YOU! 

All donations are tax deductible!