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Blind, Diabetic Cat 'Fatty' Zuko Needs Treatment!

Organizer & Beneficiary: CaRMaH

Blind, Diabetic Cat 'Fatty' Zuko Needs Treatment!

Man,  do I ever need help!  I have just been diagnosed with diabetes, and I have GOT to get more tests,  to be sure I'm on the right glucose curve.  Talk about a BORING but LIFESAVING process!  I'm 'Fatty' Zuko, at least, that's what the neighborhood cats call me.  CaRMaH brought me in from the streets of Marlborough, and realized I needed help.  I was diagnosed withpartial blindness, and bad teeth.  First thing they did was get my teeth cleaned, and a couple rotten teeth pulled.   Then my caregivers quickly noticed I was peeing so often (yeah, I know, TMI) and I'm a portly dude, so I was tested, and found out I have DIABETES.  Just started insulin, and I need to have several more rounds of blood testing, and more Lantus insulin - that stuff is crazy expensive!  

$600 will cover my Lantus for 2-3 months, blood sugar testing for 2-3 months, and full labs to make sure everything else in my body is working.   This will help get me healthy and up for ADOPTION!    

Thanks for helping this sugar baby get his sugars right!

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