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Abby Graces Hope Inc

bby Grace, that's our 5 year old precious daughter, the inspiration and drive to spread support and awareness for water safety. As horrific as the accident was, she is a rare survival story - a reason for Hope that other accidents like hers can become not only less frequent, but more optimistic as far as outcomes. Survival Swim, Supervision - including clear communication, Barriers and First Aid are our mission; but also we'd like to reach out a supportive hand to families devastated by a drowning loss. The reality is, it happens so quickly, so easily and these families are left with incredible emotional grief and in rare survivals, often times a child of special needs.

The good news is, in most cases drowning can be prevented and we can all work together to accomplish this goal by spreading awareness and supporting drowning prevention initiatives! AGH Programs: Survival Swim Scholarship Program, Abby's Friends Annual CPR Event & our Community Outreach Program.
Please join us in our quest, visit the Current Initiatives page and Contact us for more information

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