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ALS ONE (ALS Knights)

The ALS KNIGHTS are the mass of supporters who are supporting the greatest ALS Dream Team (ALS ONE)!


STARTED BY ONE PERSON (KEVIN GOSNELL): Who was diagnosed with ALS in May 2015. He had two decisions: Lay around and try to enjoy the short time he had left, or..... do something about it....he chose the latter.

He researched, listened, and...

HE DID THE IMPOSSIBLE: Met with the world's leading ALS Researchers and Clinicians and got them to come together to PARTNER on their research so as to not duplicate efforts in their respective labs and institutions, thus uncovering a viable treatment or CURE that much quicker.

Identify breakthrough treatments or a cure for ALS by 2020 and enhance care resources for persons living with ALS now.

Expert leaders in ALS research have convened to leverage the strengths of their venerable institutions to bring a treatment to patients within four years. The team:

- Dr. Robert Brown Jr., MD, DPhil UMass Medical Center
- Dr. Merit Cudkowicz, MD, MSc Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
- Dr. Steve Perrin, Ph.D. ALS Therapy Development Institute
- Dr. Nazem Atassi, MD Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
- Dr. James Berry, MD Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
- Ron Hoffman, Founder and Director Compassionate Care ALS (CCALS)

Together, this team has identified the strongest therapeutic opportunities in ALS, and has developed a plan with the goal of bringing treatment to patients within four years.

The ALS ONE scientific plan is milestone driven, and will require significant funding to advance. Our approach is to leverage the expertise from the research institutions involved in a true partnership, including the share of ideas and responsibilities to advance each of the strongest therapeutic opportunities identified forward. A percentage of funds raised will be directed to Compassionate Cares ALS (CCALS) and the ALS Clinics at Massachusetts General Hospital and UMass Medical Center to assist persons living with ALS with the many needs they will face until a treatment is available.

To raise money to fund care and a cure for ALS.

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