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Advocates for Youth

Every hour of every day, 100 young people in the U.S. become pregnant, 425 contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI), and two contract HIV. Recent reductions in teen sexual activity and increased contraceptive use have led to concurrent reductions in teenage pregnancy, births, and abortions. However, American teens continue to experience the highest birth rate in the industrialized world (nearly four times the rate in Germany, six times greater than in France, and 13 times that of the Netherlands) and the little progress that has been made has been threatened by misguided efforts to censor sexuality education and a worsening economy. Today, America faces an adolescent sexual health crisis; teens are truly a generation at risk.

Advocates for Youth works to shift the current societal paradigm of adolescent sexuality away from a negative emphasis on fear and ignorance and towards the acceptance of sexuality as healthy and normal. Advocates is committed to promoting the values of Rights, Respect, and Responsibility. Young people have the right to accurate and complete sexual health information and services; they deserve to be treated with respect; and society has the responsibility to provide youth with the tools they need to safeguard their sexual health so that they can protect themselves from too-early childbearing and sexually transmitted infections such as HIV.

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